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Baked Brie & Other Yummy Appetizers

For not huge party goers, my husband and I sure made the rounds this weekend with a child’s birthday party and our dear friends anniversary party. I know, hard-core partying, right!  Well fokes, this is how we shake things up! Anyway, I of course did not have my camera with me (not too hot for the getting into food photography thing, huh!) and wow, did I miss out on some beautiful food photography. It was a showcase weekend for brie! Now, I have never really tried this beautiful cheese, and now I cannot believe why not! It is the most luscious cheese, soft & creamy, subtle flavors that linger on the tongue. At the birthday party there was a gorgeous fruit and cheese tray filled to overflowing with the biggest raspberries I have ever seen and the most appealing little tastes of gourmet cheeses. What a spread, I tell you what. And then I met my new favorite, a lovely little wedge of brie sitting atop a cascade of berries. It first of all was so beautifully displayed it just beckoned me to have a taste. And being that I have never in my life tried this incredible cheese, I had to ask just how to eat it (do you eat the outside…?). This paired so nicely with a cracked pepper & olive oil wheat cracker. Yum. Then…yes people…there’s more…then we arrived at the anniversary party and as I unloaded my goodies (cheater cupcakes & homemade potato skins with  crispy bacon, natural cheddar cheese and green onions) I saw waiting on the granite counter-top the most beautiful appetizer I seriously have ever laid eyes on! Really, it was, (can you say this about food?) this sexy little pairing of seemingly simple ingredients that took my breath away. Okay, I know, sounds silly right, but come on people, it was soooo good! I guess I could let you know what I am drooling over even still…My girlfriend, who is incredibly savvy, deep, beautiful, funny, into all things natural,  fresh whole foods… came up with her own take on a back in the day Betty Crocker appetizer for baked rounds of brie with thinly sliced red onions which have been sautéed in olive oil, combined with red wine vinegar, brown sugar, dried cranberries, and pistachios. This topping sits gently atop the brie and lends its flavors into the cheese as it softens in the oven. It was served in a beautiful shallow crock, the dimmed light dancing off of the sautéed onions, and could be spread onto crusty bits of artisan bread. Oh yum, yum, yum! Beth is a genius! A master crafter of the appetizer. I am serious. And on that note, you all should have tasted her fresh fruit salsa! Oh my word, people! So good! Perfectly uniform chopped fruit-raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, apples, strawberries, brown sugar, orange marmalade & fresh mint…. so so good served with cinnamon sugar pita crisps. This paired with a delicate & slightly sweet white zinfandel was so delicious. And then as if this was not enough, it was time for us to pack the kids up and head for home, another guest had just taken out from the oven what they were calling “pockets of goodness.” Yeah, yeah they were. Again, little slices of brie with fresh rhubarb baked inside a delicate pastry. Mmmm. I ate mine in the car baby! There you have it, now that your drooling all over your keyboard too, there are three awesome appetizers to bring out the best of brie. My new favorite. Enjoy!