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Fevers & Frosting…

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend and everyone in my house is sick! What luck, my poor husband has pneumonia and my son is spiking 103 degree temp! Baby girl is coughing like a seal at the zoo. So, after an entire weekend of taking temps, sucking lovelies out of noses, handing out kleenex, being on hand-washing germ patrol, playing the “drink your fluids” police, fixing toast, making tea, measuring out meds, kissing foreheads, rocking babes, wiping tears….I am emotionally exhausted people! I want to cry, to sit right down on the kitchen floor and have a good wailing blubbering cry! By the time everyone was in bed tonight, tucked in and checked on for the third time each, temps taken again for reassurance, meds given for the night, rocking and lullabies commenced (and driveway shoveled might I add!)…here I sit on the couch, alone, in the dark, snowy night….did I mention ALONE! In quietness…dare I say. Did I cook this weekend? What did we even eat? Ugh…I need a cupcake, or four. Deep, dark, red velvet chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, complements of my step-mother. Thank God for comforting, moist, creamy, delicious, sweet cupcakes! Yes, I know, food can’t make it all better…but since I never went to college to be a nurse but as a mom am required to have the discernment of one without the pay…dang it, cupcake enjoyment here I come!


Food Photography

Over the weekend I of course did some blog surfing looking for something fun my son & I could bake together. I spent quite a bit of time at one of my favorites, Bakerella. The food photography is amazing! The pictures document the author’s baking experiments as her focus is “Sweet Inspiration & Fun Baking Ideas.” There, you will find some of  the most creative cupcakes and cakepops you will ever see.  Each picture has you salivating because you can almost taste the pictures of these sweet beauties! I stumbled upon an entry in the “cupcake” category all about cupcakes & photography. The author so generously shares her tips, equipment suggestions, & know-how to snap the most appealing pictures with the least amount of fuss. I found it very intriguing, since I’m a newbie at food blogging, so naturally I have to share this inspiring blog with all of you who are just as fascinated with food photography as much as I am!


Our Little Family

Our Little Family

Hello world!

Finally, that precious time when the children are tucked in bed, story read, last glass of water given, lights out, diaper changed, baby soothed, paci plugged in, lullaby CD on, and a few moments of quiet await me before sleep takes over. Finally. Sometimes I think I wait all day for this moment… And lately I have taken these moments to do what brings me joy, search endlessly for fabulous food blogs. Oh the photography, the recipes, the stories, the tips! I love it all, I am so obsessed with all things foodie in such an amateur way. But, obsessed nonetheless! This is my greatest passion outside of being a wife and mother of course. I can’t wait for me time, kitchen time. Searching and pouring over recipes, many of which I never get to, but I save them because of the possibility of them, for the photography. Now I am reaching that sleepy state that seems to always creep up on me when my heart seems to have more to say, more to write, more to think on. But, alas, another day. Goodnight all.