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Toddler Tea Party

Today my four year old toddler asked me to play tea party with him after a game of alphabet memory cards. Instead of “ordering” my usual milk, coffee, pancakes etc… I found myself practically drooling over the mere thought of a freshly made latte. Steamed milk beautifully floating atop the perfect mug of steaming espresso. Mmmm… Alongside this latte I requested a puffy, golden, melt in your mouth beignet (which of course I just saw made on the food network). However, my “waiter” son informed me there were no “be-gna-somethings.” So, I thought a moment and could almost taste the pumpkin cheesecake I tasted in November at a favorite Italian restaurant with the best combination of spices, buttery graham crust, fresh whipped cream, and a crumb and caramel topping. Yum. My lucky day, my son smiled at the fact that cheesecake was on the menu. For my third course, I would love the most thin crust, smothered in luscious alfredo sauce, parmigiano regiano, roasted tomato, spinach, garlic & roasted chicken pizza. “Coming right up” my toddler waiter pronounced! All-right! I was feeding the baby while all of this “ordering” was occurring & could hear my stomach growling. I realized it’d been since early this morning that I’d eaten last. Then my son announced that it was his turn to be the customer and I was to play waitress. A sudden let down of the heart since apparently I had been swept up in our pretend play that I was left salivating and hungry. Then my son “ordered” a simple grilled cheese sandwich and it occurred to me that the most gourmet is really a matter of individual taste. Even a grilled cheese sounded utterly delicious at that moment…a dressed up one of course…a grown up grilled cheese I call it. I can’t help it, I have to spin my twist on most everything! Even pretend.


Our Little Family

Our Little Family

Elusive Kitchen Time

Good morning, up and at ’em again. Baby girl still struggling with a cough and comforted only by being snug in my arms. Going into work early today, yeah, and I’d really like to make something for my Mom to munch on while she babysits. What to make…baby crying again….need to make Valentine’s with my son who’s been asking this morning for help. Seems like there’s never enough time for my kitchen time. I so dislike that feeling of exhaustion that were it for this I would be creating something yummy. While I’m tending to the children and household chores, often I am thinking on some recipe that recently found its way before my eyes. Is that quirky? Thinking of how beautiful softened pale unsalted butter looks as it’s creamed carefully with crystally white grains of sugar. How perfectly eggs incorporate into the fluffy creamed butter mixture. Add a splash of real Mexican vanilla for a sweet aroma and finished taste. Then there’s the “magic” of baking powder and baking soda! The proportions lend such different results in baked goods. Trust me, I’ve had enough failed muffins to know! Vinegar is also quite a unique ingredient in baking. Sometime I will share my family’s recipe for “Three Hole Chocolate Cake” and you will see a science experiment before your eyes! One of the best pieces of advice I have ever heard, food wise, is to always purchase the absolute best quality ingredients you can afford. Such as in baking chocolates. The difference truly lies in quality depending on how this ingredient is used in a recipe. It is so wonderful to me that such simple ingredients can together make such amazing deliciousness! This is why baking especially appeals to me because it’s guided but subjective. There’s room for adaptations and yet there are certain rules to the science of baking that guide you. I am trying to retain these guidelines in my own experimenting. I have to admit, there are lots of flops that come out of my kitchen! As frustrating as a disappointing result can be, it is still energizing and satisfying to pour myself into a recipe. Such joy when my family really enjoys something my hands have put together and by the grace of God it actually turned out appealing! Yes, I have lots of those moments. Sometimes I feel..wonder…what kind of foodie would I be if I really had the time to search, bake, cook, photograph, taste and write the way my heart desires? That question, that longing that stirs in my heart and mind all the time and lures me into the kitchen is what excites me to finish those odd mom-jobs during the day. My kitchen is waiting… Baby crying again…ah to wondering…

Hello world!

Finally, that precious time when the children are tucked in bed, story read, last glass of water given, lights out, diaper changed, baby soothed, paci plugged in, lullaby CD on, and a few moments of quiet await me before sleep takes over. Finally. Sometimes I think I wait all day for this moment… And lately I have taken these moments to do what brings me joy, search endlessly for fabulous food blogs. Oh the photography, the recipes, the stories, the tips! I love it all, I am so obsessed with all things foodie in such an amateur way. But, obsessed nonetheless! This is my greatest passion outside of being a wife and mother of course. I can’t wait for me time, kitchen time. Searching and pouring over recipes, many of which I never get to, but I save them because of the possibility of them, for the photography. Now I am reaching that sleepy state that seems to always creep up on me when my heart seems to have more to say, more to write, more to think on. But, alas, another day. Goodnight all.