Pot Roast and Sympathy…

Was that just funny in my mind? We’ve had a lot of tea around here lately since we’ve all been a bunch of “sickies” as I call it. Anyway, back on topic…after spending nearly an hour building (dare I say-crafting) a pretty spectacular Thomas the Train Track with my preschooler, I caught up on some rest and Good Morning America. To my surprise and delight, one of my very favorite food bloggers, The Pioneer Woman, had her own cooking segment! Way to go Ree! I am so inspired by this woman who is a self proclaimed “city gal” who met her husband in a “smokey bar” as she shared, got married and found herself living on a working ranch! Two seconds later they had four children, lots of responsibilities, not to mention hungry tummies to fill. She laughs that her friends from the city would call her the “Pioneer Woman” since this was quite a new adventure for her. She eventually wanted to document her baking and cooking….thus the beginning of her fabulous food blog, “The Pioneer Woman.” She now has her very own cookbook out also. She records her everyday recipes in such appetizing, beautiful and natural photographs that appeal to your eyes and stomach! I love, love this blog! You will find the link under my blog roll, please take a gander and spend some time. Back to GMA, Ree was featuring a pot roast  (incidentally, this is what’s for dinner tonight at my house) that was a fix it and forget it kind of meal for a hungry bunch with a few special twists. After browning the roast that has been dried off, salted and peppered-she added thyme, roasted carrots & red wine for cooking liquid. This slow cooked on the stove top for about 5 hours and was served up with herb mashed potatoes. See her blog for the full recipe. I love her tips for pot roast, such as, if the meat seems tough it needs to be cooked longer to allow the connective tissues to break down more. Always dry the meat before browning and cook potatoes separate from the roast to keep them from becoming mealy. Roasting the veggies prior to adding to the roast to slow cook adds incredible flavor. There are many more tips on her blog that I am sure you’ll find helpful. Try this recipe for dinner this week!


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