Tea Talk

My husband just made me a steaming hot mug of my favorite chamomile tea with a drizzling of sweet citrus honey from Yuma, AZ (thanks to my great Aunt & Uncle who frequent the farmers markets) in my very favorite orange Starbucks mug. Yum. It’s official, the “sickness” as I call it now, has found it’s way to my body, yeah. However, even in the blur of taking care of all my “sickies” today is a new day, a new week and I am determined to treat myself better than I have as of late. Yes, I am referring to my steady consumption of cupcakes, cookies, coffee, sugar, sugar, coffee, coffee…well, you get the idea! Even I am surprised at my food choices because I usually have much more moderation and thought into what I put into my body. Must be the “sickness” wreaking havoc on my decision making abilities, right? Sure, that’s it. But, I guess we all have our moments. Anyway, I have done considerably better today and only broken into the last of the cookies once. Hey, baby steps! All kidding aside, I am determined to continue to press into my focus on my physical goals since in the last several weeks I seem to have become a split personality health & nutrition wise! Today’s thoughtful choice, a spicy slow-cooked pulled chicken quesadilla. Sounds like a laborious process, yes, but I had prepared the chicken and froze it a few weeks ago, so defrost took me from hungry to satisfied quickly. Quesadillas are a fave of mine, whole wheat tortillas, reduced fat mozzarella cheese shredded, fat-free refried beans, moist, spicy pulled chicken prepared with Rotel diced tomatoes, diced jalapeno & chili powder. Layer in a skillet, brown both sides and top with mild salsa and enjoy! This should help clear the nasal passages in a hurry! I must, must, must treat myself well no matter how I am feeling. This is my official “get-a-grip” moment! Off to make more tea and rest…


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