Fevers & Frosting…

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend and everyone in my house is sick! What luck, my poor husband has pneumonia and my son is spiking 103 degree temp! Baby girl is coughing like a seal at the zoo. So, after an entire weekend of taking temps, sucking lovelies out of noses, handing out kleenex, being on hand-washing germ patrol, playing the “drink your fluids” police, fixing toast, making tea, measuring out meds, kissing foreheads, rocking babes, wiping tears….I am emotionally exhausted people! I want to cry, to sit right down on the kitchen floor and have a good wailing blubbering cry! By the time everyone was in bed tonight, tucked in and checked on for the third time each, temps taken again for reassurance, meds given for the night, rocking and lullabies commenced (and driveway shoveled might I add!)…here I sit on the couch, alone, in the dark, snowy night….did I mention ALONE! In quietness…dare I say. Did I cook this weekend? What did we even eat? Ugh…I need a cupcake, or four. Deep, dark, red velvet chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, complements of my step-mother. Thank God for comforting, moist, creamy, delicious, sweet cupcakes! Yes, I know, food can’t make it all better…but since I never went to college to be a nurse but as a mom am required to have the discernment of one without the pay…dang it, cupcake enjoyment here I come!


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