Toddler Tea Party

Today my four year old toddler asked me to play tea party with him after a game of alphabet memory cards. Instead of “ordering” my usual milk, coffee, pancakes etc… I found myself practically drooling over the mere thought of a freshly made latte. Steamed milk beautifully floating atop the perfect mug of steaming espresso. Mmmm… Alongside this latte I requested a puffy, golden, melt in your mouth beignet (which of course I just saw made on the food network). However, my “waiter” son informed me there were no “be-gna-somethings.” So, I thought a moment and could almost taste the pumpkin cheesecake I tasted in November at a favorite Italian restaurant with the best combination of spices, buttery graham crust, fresh whipped cream, and a crumb and caramel topping. Yum. My lucky day, my son smiled at the fact that cheesecake was on the menu. For my third course, I would love the most thin crust, smothered in luscious alfredo sauce, parmigiano regiano, roasted tomato, spinach, garlic & roasted chicken pizza. “Coming right up” my toddler waiter pronounced! All-right! I was feeding the baby while all of this “ordering” was occurring & could hear my stomach growling. I realized it’d been since early this morning that I’d eaten last. Then my son announced that it was his turn to be the customer and I was to play waitress. A sudden let down of the heart since apparently I had been swept up in our pretend play that I was left salivating and hungry. Then my son “ordered” a simple grilled cheese sandwich and it occurred to me that the most gourmet is really a matter of individual taste. Even a grilled cheese sounded utterly delicious at that moment…a dressed up one of course…a grown up grilled cheese I call it. I can’t help it, I have to spin my twist on most everything! Even pretend.


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